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The Ecofauna exclusive objects and innovative techniques of finishing allow ecofauna to distinguish itself from other firms for the quality and accuracy of the details, the plasticity and naturalness of the models laying.

Buprestis and me Roach and me

About Ecofauna

Ecofauna was created in 1996 in Pisa (Tuscany, Italy) by dr. Lorenzo Possenti (Sculptor with Natural Sciences degree). At the beinning very poor techniques, poor materials... poor results... nevertheless sometimes something good was created.

In 1999, the level achieved is finally not so bad. First important works are made for some Italian institutions. Still no bug: anything just to gain experience. First insect model just at the end of the year.

In 2001, after the setting of its own-made exclusive finish formula, he opens himself to some important Natural History museums, mainly proposing insect models 20x sized.

In 2003 he starts to attend some important Insect Shows in Italy and France. Also starts to introduce the Ecofauna models in Japan and pay more attention to detail.

In 2005 very high quality level is achieved and guaranteed. Also the new resins used for thinner parts (such as antennas, mouth parts, tarsus and claws) let the models suitable for handling and rental usage.

In 2006 he starts a very big work for the University of Taiwan about all 18 most endangered insect species of Taiwan. Once finished the work, about 2 years later, a lot of very big insect models were available and a lot of new techniques as well.

In 2009 he starts a lucky cooperation with an American team specialized in the field of exhibitions for hire on insects: some not conventional-approach projects are finally able to implemented. New resins for huge transparet wings were finaly identified.

In 2011 first USA exhibitions for hire finally start. Again in 2011 he opens himself to the field of human reconstructions, with the future aim to achieve something in hybrids between humans and insects. First properly human reconstructions were shown in Italy, much appreciated by scientists.

The setting up of some innovative exhibitions for hire on insects is still the main future Ecofauna's project.

What they say about my works:

"We are a great team!!"
Mia Schillace Nelson - Outhouse Exhibit Services Company (insect-exhibits rental suppliers) - USA (2011)

"Your giant insect models are really fantastic!!"
Heather Sullivan - Events and contributions Manager - The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia - USA (2011)

"We have liked your models a lot!!"
Ester Galimany Bustos - Dept. of Expositions - Natural History Museum of Barcelona - SPAIN (2011)

"Your works are wonderful and preciser than Japanese companies do: your work is ART!"
Insectech.com - Importer for Japann - JAPAN (2009)

"We have just received your ant models and they are excellent and will suit us perfectly."
Tina Mansson - Australian Museum - AUSTRALIA (2009)

"Excellent fabrication of replicas of Taiwan insect models"
Prof. Dr. Ming-Jen Lee - President of the National Chiayi University, TAIWAN (2008)

"You are a genius, Lorenzo!"
Dr. George C. McGavin - Oxford University Musem of Natural History, UNITED KINGDOM (2005)

"You forgot just the poison of your scorpion model!"
Valter Fogato - Natural History Museum of Milan, ITALY (2005)

"Your Dynastes is really marvellous!"
Mrs. Carol Gouyer - Musee du Rhum et des Insectes, GUADELOUPE (2004)

"Excellent 3D insect models: your Lucanus cervus is absolutely better than true!"
Dr. Vincenzo Vomero - General Director Science Museums of Rome, ITALY (2004)

"Really beautiful, precise and detailed model specimens"
Kazmaniac - Friend and importer for Japan, JAPAN (2003)

"Highly detailed and scientifically correct insect models"
Prof. Bernd Lotsch - Director General - Natural History Museum of Wien, AUSTRIA (2001)

"Great impact on visitors for the ecofauna insects"
Stefano Maugeri - Artistic Manager - Abruzzo National Park, ITALY (2001)