LIST Just for the UNTED STATES please contact my agent Outhouse Exhibit Services.
LIST Just for JAPAN please contact my agent
LIST Just for SPAIN, FRANCE and FRENCH GUYANA please contact my agent Mr. Navarro
LIST Just for CHINA and TAIWAN please contact my agent
LIST As for ALL OTHER COUNTRIES please directly contact
LIST PACKAGING costs are always included.
LIST SHIPPING costs are not included (always included just for relevant purchase orders).
LIST TAXES are not included (usually for free as the models enter the customs as documented art-works).
LIST PAYMENT: transfer fee on current account.
Aedes albopictus 20 x sitting/flying
Aeolesthes oenochrous 15 x sitting
Agehana maraho 15 x sitting/flying
Aiolocaria hexaspilota 20 x sitting
Anopheles gambiae 25 x sitting/flying
Anotogaster sieboldii 15 x sitting/flying
Apis mellifica 20 x sitting/flying
Armadillidium vulgare 20 x outstretched
Atrophaneura horishana 15 x sitting/flying
Buprestis mirabilis 15 x sitting
Campsosternus gemma 15 x sitting
Cheirotonus macleayi formosanus 15 x sitting
Chironomid larvae 60 x swimming
Coccinella 7-punctata 20 x sitting/flying
Coenagrion puella 20 x sitting/flying
Copris hispanus 20 x sitting
Copris lunaris 20 x sitting
Coptolabrus nankototaijanus 15 x sitting
Culex pipiens 20 x sitting/flying
Curculio elephas 20 x sitting
Curtos mundulus 20 x sitting
Damaster blaptoides 15 x sitting
Dorcus formosanus 15 x sitting/flying
Dorcus schenklingi 15 x sitting/flying
Dynastes hercules 10 x sittitng
Euscorpius flavicaudis 20 x sitting
Euscorpius italicus 15 x sitting
Formica rufa 20 x sitting
Formotosena seebohmi 15 x sitting
Fulgora watanabei 15 x sitting
Glossina morsitans 20 x sitting/flying
Grapsus grapsus 1 x young; sitting
Helix sp. 20 x sitting
Hydacticus vittatus 10 x sitting
Lasius fuliginosus 20 x sitting
Latrodectus 13-guttatus 20 x sitting
Leptinotarsa 10-lineata 25 x sitting (ready soon)
Leptodirus hohenwarti 40 x sitting
Leptothorax acervorum 50 x sitting
Lithobius forficatus 20 x sitting
Lucanus cervus 20 x sitting/flying
Mantis religiosa 20 x sitting (ready soon)
Megacrania tsudai 15 x sitting
Meganeura monyii 1 x sitting/flying (fossil)
Nezara viridula 20 x sitting
Periplaneta fuliginosa 20 x sitting
Periplaneta americana 15 x sitting
Phyllophorina kotoshoensis 15 x sitting
Phlebotomus sp. 50 x sitting/flying
Prothema signata 2 x sitting
Rhodnius prolixus 10 x sitting
Sasakia charonda 15 x sitting/flying
Troides aeacus kaguya 15 x sitting/flying
Troides magellanus 15 x sitting/flying